Alberta acoustic music workshop


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Fiddle & Rhythm

  • Fiddle & Rhythm with Calvin Vollrath.  Six 1- hour sessions.

Mandolin players


Option 1

Want to build your own workshop? Choose more than one

Jim Hurst

Steve Gulley - It Starts With the Song

Bluegrass Tips & Tricks

with Nate Lee & Ned Luberecki


Eric Uglum Harmony Singing

Swing Guitar - Rick Moore.

UKULELE - Sing & Swing on Four Strings

Banjo players

Dobro players

Consider taking

  • Getting Comfortable with Greg Blake. Six 1-hour sessions. Limited to 8.

  • It Starts With A Song with Steve Gulley . Three 1-hour sessions. Limited to 8.

  • Jim Hurst. Three 1-hour sessions. Limited to 8.     intermediate/advanced

  • Bluegrass Tips & Tricks with Nate and Ned. Three 1-hour sessions. Limited to 10.   intermediate/advanced 

Bass players

Guitar players

Consider taking

  • Guitar - Marc Ladouceur  Six 1-hour sessions. Limited to 8. Minimum 4.

  • Sing & Swing on Four Strings with Rick Moore. Three 1-hour sessions. Limited to 30.

Consider taking

  • Bass - Zach Daniel Six 1-hour sessionsLimited to 8. Minimum 4.

  • Getting Comfortable with Greg Blake. Six 1-hour sessions. Limited to 8 

  • Jim Hurst. Three 1-hour sessions. Limited to 8   intermediate/advanced

  • Bluegrass Tips & Tricks with Nate and Ned. Three 1-hour sessions. Limited to 10.    intermediate/advanced


  • Swing & Sing on Four Strings with Rick Moore. Three 1-hour sessions. Limited to 30 participants.

Option 2

Want the same workshop for all six 1-hour sessions? 

Choose from this list.

Getting Comfortable Playing & Singing.

Songwriting with Tim Stafford

Harmony Singing with Anne & Tracy.

Fiddle & Rhythm with Calvin Vollrath

Mandolin - Rob Baker

Banjo - Al Lamonaca

Guitar - Marc Ladouceur

Bass - Zach Daniels

BUILD YOUR OWN WORKSHOP and sample them all. 

These workshops are open to all instruments and includes vocal work.


Imagine a menu...choose a main course, two appetizers and a desert.

  • The MAIN COURSE:  three 1-hour consecutive sessions. 

  • Two APPETIZERS: 1 hour each.

  • The DESERT:  1 hour.

Specify your Main Course preference.

You will attend your selected Main Course Friday night for an hour and then Saturday morning for two hours. 

Specify your two 1-hour appetizers and one desert.

You will attend the appetizer and desert session each lasting 1 hour.   One session is on Saturday night and two on Sunday morning. Build it the way you like it.

Priority placement given to those who register early. Maximum number of participants per session.

for more information on how the BUILD YOUR OWN WORKSHOP (click here ).

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