What to bring to the Acoustic Music Workshop


Please check-in around 4pm on Friday. 

You name tag, room assignment and workshop information will be waiting.

Ukulele Check in is on Saturday at noon.

Please go to www.UkuleleJamCamp.com for schedule.


Orientation for the Acoustic Music Workshop starts at 5pm on Friday and is worth attending if this is your first time or you haven’t been for a while. Ron Mercer will outline the weekend and provide a tour of where everything is.

Dinner is at 6pm on Friday, seating is assigned. Your weekend starts off at dinner with your workshop group.

Your first workshop starts at 8pm on Friday.


  • Your instrument (s). Bring your workshop instrument plus others you can use for jamming.

  • Music stand, tuner, pencil & paper. Optional.

  • Recording device to save your lesson. Just a suggestion and not required.

  • A pillow & a sleeping bag or bedding. Clean, comfortable beds are provided but without bedding. All dorm beds have a night table for belongs to be stored.

  • A towel & personal toiletries. All dorms are equipped with shower stalls. There are plug ins for razors and blow dryers.

  • Ear plugs. ( if required)

  • Some $$$ to buy merchandise & accessories and participate in the 50/50 draw and guitar raffle.

  • Bathing suit, if you plan on swimming. The pool is open from 4 – 5 on Saturday afternoon.

  • Pair of indoor shoes in case the weather is wet.

  • A travel mug. ( just a suggestion )

  • Your song book

  • Extra strings, picks and capos. Mhyres Music will have a supply of music books, and accessories at their table in the main hall. There will also be some instruments to try.


There is no Wi-Fi at camp He Ho Ha.

A merchandise table with CD’s promoting this year’s instructors and previous instructors is set up.

We accept Debit and Credit.