Swing & Sing on Four Strings


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The Next Big Thing - Ukulele Swing 

dress up your chords and take them to town


Every ukulele player should have a few cool ukulele chords in their back pocket. Add some variety to your repertoire. One easy way to do this is to attend the Ukulele Camp this year. Rick Moore is going to spice up your chord collection with some enhanced chords along with some right hand shuffle patterns.

We asked Rick Moore to bring his ukulele Swing & Sing  program to the workshop this year. Rick has taught swing guitar and mandolin at the workshop the past few years.  His workshops are very popular and students always seem to shine with surprise after attending his sessions. Rick is an excellent musician and teacher who knows how to deliver unfamiliar concepts to all levels of players on a variety of instruments.

Immerse yourself in an overnight stay at the beautiful and comfortable Camp He Ho Ha located 45 minutes west of Edmonton. A friendly community will be gathered there ready to spend the next 24 hours singing, playing and mingling. The Northern Bluegrass Community has been gathering this October weekend for 20 years. They spend 3 days and two nights attending workshops on guitar, banjo, mandolin, dobro, bass and fiddle. Jamming is a big part of the weekend. The ukulele community is a nice addition at the workshop. Ukulele players attend the amazing Mini Festival, are welcome to participate in the Band Scramble and join a jam every now and then. Of course the ukulele community knows how to gather and play, sometimes a lost banjo player can be found backing up the ukulele's. 

We hope the ukulele community will embrace this opportunity to learn some new chords and songs while enjoying a lovely get-a way experience at Camp He Ho Ha. 

Some options:

Option #1

Sign up for the Ukulele Workshop for $149. This price includes dorm accommodation, Saturday dinner and Sunday brunch and three 1-hour workshops. We ask that ukulele players arrive around noon on Saturday to get checked in and set up in their rooms.

The first ukulele workshop starts after dinner at 6:45 on Saturday. The next two workshops are Sunday morning.

There is a mini festival from 2 - 6. Three venues offer 40 minute concerts put on by our visiting Acoustic Music Workshop instructors. The instructors are some of the best the acoustic world has to offer. Please review the workshop leaders profiles.

Option #2

Sign up for the Acoustic Music Workshop BUILD YOUR OWN WORKSHOP for $355. This price includes two nights accommodation, 5 meals, and six 1-hour workshops. Have a look at some of the workshop options. Start Friday night with a MAIN COURSE workshop and then switch over to the Ukulele on Saturday night. Get a head start on the fun and come early!

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she can answer your questions and get you all set up. 780-718-3070

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