Get the most out of your workshop weekend.

Passing Notes in Class Allowed

Look on the zoom screen. Do you see someone you know? pass them a note. You can do this so everyone can see or you can do this privately. Go to the participants listed, click on the participant and type your message. Only that person will be able to read it

Session Hosts Help The Flow

We want everyone to get the most out of their 45 minute sessions. participants will remain muted during the workshop. The host will field any quesitons and commets during the 15 minute break between workshops.

 and unmuted during the break. questions and comments about workshop content will be relayed to the instructor through the Chat Room. The host will help pass along comments and answer any technical questions that come up.

A Question for the Instructor?

Use the chat room to forward a question to the instructor if you need clarification. The workshop host will help with directing information to the instructor. 

Stick Around For the Breakout Rooms

Will the host help me?

YES, all 16 workshops will have a host to help with questions about zoom or bring information to the instructor. We dont want the workshop instructor spending time reading all of the comments so the host will assist in bringing questions that are on topic to the instructor. All messages will be passes on to the instructor after the workshop. Save your questions.

Breakout Rooms

The host will set up breakout rooms during the 15 minute break. In bluegrass we would call this a Band Scramble. You end up in a room with random people. Band scrambles are ice breakers and everyone should consider sticking around for a couple. There will be no playing of instruments but we will provide a topic and your group will spend 7 minutes getting acquainted. Come on...this will be fun.

Two Ways to Look at the Workshop

Through learning and by maintaining and building relationships. 

You can learn a little bit of something about everything by staying tuned in to all of the workshops. This live format is your chance to get up close and personnel with the instructors. When iThey will do their best to answer questions with the help of the session host. You can your the workshop as an opportunity to maintain and continue building relationships. This is your chance to get up close an as personnel This is your chance to reconnect with people you probably haven't seen in awhile. It might be just what you need but it might also be just what someone else needs. Reach out during the workshop through the Zoom private messaging  feature. Give a quick hello to a couple of people you would normally see at the workshop. 


Adapt..maintain and continue buiding relationships. with member of 

During this pandemic we will all have to get out of our comfort zone to be sure we are taking care of xxx by connecitng. will We have all been asked to resist gathering. 

Does the instructor want feedback and questions? Definetly. This is a LIVE workshop. It will unfold based on who shows up.