Let's Make It Social

Grow your community of musical friendships. The live ZOOM workshop allows you to learn new skills while reconnecting with friends. Keep the workshop running all weekend and see what you learn about other instruments and instructors. Check in from time to time to see who else is tuned in. Use the 15 minute break between workshops to connect with friends. 

The More You Know The More You Grow.

Award winning songwriters, guitar players, mandolin players, fiddlers and banjo players will be presenting 45 minutes of insightful sessions on instruments you already play and on instruments you may not know much about. Techniques and strategies on the different instruments are transferable. Access to knowledgeable instructors can broaden your musical experience. 

Viewing On Demand 

Seminars will be available for viewing on demand after the workshop weekend.

Expand Your Musical Network

Meet some of the most accomplished artists in the acoustic music world. This is a jumping off point to establishing student/teacher relationships.

Tune in to different sessions and find out more about the instructor and their instrument.

Expand your list of jamming friends. Find out who else is out there playing music. We won't be isolated for ever. We will want to return to a healthy musical community when we emerge from this pandemic.

Prepare For The Workshop Sessions

Workshop handouts are available for some of the workshops. Download them ahead of time and be ready.

Bring All 16 Sessions Home

45 minutes sessions over 16 hours. Check the schedule.

All 16 sessions for 

$75 Earlybird rate

$120 Household rate. Two people at one location

  • Keep the workshop running all weekend and join in when your interest is peaked.

  • A workshop host will introduce your instructor and stay online during the session to assist.

  • Zoom participants will be muted while the instructor is presenting.

  • The Zoom chat feature will assist with asking questions.

  • All workshops will start on the hour and last for 45 minutes.

  • Connect with friends during the 15 minute breaks to catch up and review what you have learned.

  • Workshops will be recorded if you decide you would like to review at a later date.

  • No extra expenses to attend this workshop! No packing or travel or taking time away from your family this year.  Just brush your hair and put on shirt. 

  • Check in and see who is taking what. Call a friend and take it together...while social distancing.

  • Consider the Household Plan if more than one person is attending from the same location. 

  • Once you have registered request material to work on ahead of time. Go to the menu and select Request Workshop Material. Not all workshops offer material.


Your ZOOM CODE will arrive by email Thursday October 15th. 

We will keep you up dated if the schedule should change.

Check your time zone.
Workshops are held in
Mountain Daylight Time 
Friday - October 16
  6:15 pm           Meet your workshop host
  6:30 pm          Calvin Vollrath - Fiddle
  7:30pm            Jeremy Stephens & Corrina Logston - Duet Singing
Saturday - October 17
  9:30 am          Jenny Lester- Intro to Jamming
10:30 am          Bruce Molsky - Clawhammer
11:30 am          Annie Savage - Fiddle
 12:15 pm         BREAK - stretch your legs
  1:00 pm          Claire Lynch - Songwriting
  2:00 pm          Jim Hurst - Guitar
  3:00 pm          Alan Bibey - Monroe Mandolin
  4:00 pm          Joe Walsh & Scott Nygaard - Soloing & Improvising
Sunday - October 18
   9:30 am          Calvin Vollrath - Guitar backup for fiddlers
 10:30 am          Tim Stafford - Songwriting 
 11:30 pm           Mike Witcher - Dobro
 12:15 pm           BREAK - Big Stretch
  1:00 pm           Jeff Scroggins - Banjo
  2:00 pm           Tim Stafford - Guitar
  3:00 pm           Joe Walsh - Mandolin
  4:00 pm           Scott Nygaard - Intermediate/Advanced Guitar
Archive photos of the NBCMS Acoustic Music Workshop
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